Getting started

Creating the perfect profile on a dating app is not always easy.

After all, you´re attempting to show, in the best way possible how others see you, your amazing personality, what you like and love, and much more through just a few selected photos and a limited number of characters.

But don´t panic! You don´t need a long list of dos and don´ts in order to create the perfect profile: just follow the next 3 tips and you will stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Tip #1: Upload more than 3 pics to your profile

Are you really expecting to get an invitation from that special someone if he can only see one picture of you?

Scientific studies have proven that on dating apps, profiles with at least 3 different photos get 82% more requests, while those with just one pic get only 15% of the invitations.

Do you prefer being part of that successful 82%, or are you going to be the 15% no one notices and don´t get invitations?

Upload more than 3 photos to your profile (on Glambu, if you upload 6 pics, your chances will be increased!) if you want to get invited to a special date.

Tip #2: Choose good photos!

The rule of thumb on dating apps is to have an amazing first picture. But don´t forget about the rest of the photos…

Don´t upload images where others can only see half of your face and the other half is the wall of your bedroom (nobody likes that!). And please, don´t take a photo where your hair hides your beautiful features (like your eyes).

Instead, upload pics smiling or looking at the camera, with no sunglasses, but above all be sure to use current photos of you (not one taken 5 years ago).

Your goal is to find someone who likes you for who you are. So take a current picture which truly captures the authentic essence of you and your personality.

About the rest of the photos, upload images that show your lifestyle: if you´re a beach lover, take a pic at the beach and show it. If you´re a coffee shop nomad, upload a photo drinking a good cup of your favorite coffee.

Tip #3: Include a bio, even if it´s short

The last great tip to create the perfect profile is to always include a description about you or what do you want, even if it´s a short one.

Just like with your photos, when writing your bio, you want to stay true to who you are. And also that´s a great way to avoid disapointment and wasting time.

Stay positive on your profile and avoid negative comments. No one likes to read a bio with sentences like “I hate rainy days” or “stay away from me if you are a man with X problem…”.

Keep the drama away! Instead of focusing on the bad things, write something nice and positive about you, like what you like to do, what are your dreams, or your favorite place in town you love to visit.


Follow these 3 expert rules to create your perfect profile on Glambu, and your chances to find a special date will get much better 😉